Saturday, February 13, 2010

In a funk

I haven't been posting to much lately cause I've been in quite the funk lately. A lot has been going on and it has me worried. I am a worry wart and tend to over exaggerate in my worries but when it comes to my kids I take no chances.
Some history. Jr has pneumonia, again. This is the second time in less then a month and the other week he was on the verge on pneumonia but we caught it in time . The first time the Dr misdiagnosed him so I took him to another Dr the next day and got the right diagnosis. Here we are almost a month later and he is sick again. I went to the Dr's and he pretty much blew me off. Told me to continue treating him as I have been. My husband was PISSED. So he went in and demanded to talk to the Dr. Finally the Dr comes in and they start going through his records. Come to find out we were never given one of his test results from back in October! Apparently Jr does not produce what he needs in order to fight off streptococcus pneumonia. My husband and I, naturally are worried about this. The Dr suggested we run some more blood work and take another chest x-ray. So we did and I brought the kids home to put the younger two to bed and Steve and Jr went back around 8:30 when the results were in. The blood tests led the Dr to believe he has viral pneumonia and the chest x-ray is pretty much the same as it was last month, maybe slightly better on his right lung. This is round two of anti-biotics with no help. And since it's viral there is nothing we can do. Were continuing with the breathing treatments because his coughing is getting pretty bad which is making it hard for him to breath at times.
My husband kept trying to ask the Dr what can we do for him, if anything and the Dr wasn't understanding him so he had the nerve to say to my husband that he had been working a 13 hour shift and he's already spent to much time on my son! Can you believe that!! My husband was livid yet some how managed to keep his cool. He told him that his opinion used to be the only one at Kaiser that he valued and since he said that he has lost all respect for him. Go hubby. I wouldn't have kept so calm. He only spent maybe 20 minutes in the room with me and Jr when we went to see him. So the Dr is going to talk to a Immunologist and see what he thinks and then a Pulmologist and get back to us. Pretty much the Dr is stumped and doesn't know why Jr can't kick the pneumonia. In the meantime Jr has a recheck tomorrow and if he has improved we are getting him the pneumonia vaccine for bacterial pneumonia since if he were to get it he couldn't fight it.
So here we sit, and play the waiting game. I am trying not to worry about my baby but I can't help it. My wheels are spinning a million miles a minute. I wont be able to calm down until we can get some answers.


  1. Poor little thing, hopefully he will get better soon!

  2. Shana -

    You don't know me, and I'm sorry first of all to have stumbled into your personal life... I don't mean to intrude here in your corner of the blogosphere. But I came across this post and it just so happens that a family member of mine has struggled with very similar lung issues in the past. Nothing the doctors did could help for a long time, until finally we found someone who was more invested in helping, and he gave us so much information that was useful. It turns out that there is a lot you can do naturally to help in situations like this.

    Anyway, I'm not a doctor, and don't claim to be qualified to give medical advice or anything. But if you want to hear more about our experiences and about what worked for us, feel free to send me an email. I'd be glad to share, and maybe some of these natural remedies would do some good for you guys as well.

    Either way, all the best to you and your family and your little boy. I hope he starts feeling better soon!