Monday, August 31, 2009

Jr’s trip to the Dr again

Jr and I spent two hours at the Dr's today. He woke up this morning with a 100.0 degree temp. Poor guy missed another day of school. Anyways, I love this Dr we saw. He was really bothered that Jr has now run a high temp like this three times in the past month. It got to 103.1 earlier today! He was also very pissed that the Urgent Care Dr prescribed him a cough med, one because it's suggested not to give them to kids under six and two because it was a really hard core cough med that he said could have possibly killed him. (Fucking scary) Boy am I glad I didn't fill it! He ran a cbc test, a urine test and got a chest x-ray. He said he ran the urine because depending on what the cbc test showed it could be a uti because of the high temp. That way we wouldn't have to come back for more tests. The x-ray did show some lines in his lungs but not bad enough to be pneumonia (at least not yet) but his bronchial tubes are all clogged up. So he has bronchitis. He still wants to wait on the blood test results and see if those tell us anything else. Oh and he is really constipated. I also like this Dr cause he is all for natural treatment. He told us to put one drop of olive oil in his ears at night because his ears were so clogged with wax he couldn't see anything. He even let me look in there and can I just say yuck! As for the constipation I am supposed to load him up on fruit, especially berries or anything with seeds. He said throw it all, whole kiwi, apples with core and all and made smoothies. The kids love their smoothies so that shouldn't be a problem.
The only thing that sucks about him missing school is today they were going to introduce him to his new teacher and have the kids help move their things over to the new class. And the Dr said he can't go back to school until Wednesday and he would be starting in his new class tomorrow so he's missing out on getting prepared for this big change :( I this doesn't make things harder on him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Days

Are so busy lately. I know a lot of people would think our schedule is nothing compared to some but for me it’s not. Unfortunately Jr is sick so he missed school today. But Steve started going back to College today! So our days are a bit hectic since we only have one car. Jr starts school at 7:55 am and get’s out at 1:50 and then depending on the day Steve has either two or three classes at different times and we don’t have a parking pass so I’m taking him. Today the kids didn’t get to nap so it makes for a loooooong day. He even has a night class tonight that gets out at 10pm but I am not getting the chitlens out of bed to go get him, he can take the car!

I had to take Shawn BACK to the lab today to re-run his allergy tests. Apparently two weeks ago when they poked him not once but twice, they still somehow didn’t collect enough blood to run all the tests so it was cancelled and now were getting them redone. I really hope that they collected enough this time, if not I’m going to be pissed. I’ve already got the Supervisors card from the lab if again they don’t have enough blood collected I’m giving him a call and the center they send the blood out to where they run the actual test. Did any of that make sense lol

Jr was prescribed an inhaler today by his ped. We have one for school and one for home and he is to use it as needed, especially when sick since that’s when it flares up. He’s excited to try it out tonight, he doesn’t remember using as a toddler lol

Friday, August 7, 2009

Terrified of needles

Not me, but my oldest son Jr. At least I think it's the needles he's scared of but I'm not sure. This is now my second experience with him freaking out and for me it's mind blowing. We went to Kaiser to get Shawn and Jr blood tested for allergies, food and airborne. I especially wanted Jr tested before he starts Kindergarten next week (ahhhh). He had heard me mention it to my mom earlier and since then he was whining about not wanting to go. I kept telling him I know but this is something he needs to get done and it will only take a minute and not hurt but a second. First off Jr wouldn’t even get out of the car. We finally got him out and I had to reassure him the whole way in that it will be fine. We get in and thank goodness we run into my sister. So she watches Sam while Steve and I go in with the boys. Jr starts freaking out just walking back so I carried him in. The whole time were in there he is upset. They start getting Shawn ready and the lady says she can help us and Jr looked at me with this look of horror and RAN. I went chasing after him, he ran out the door and into the waiting room and out of the lab and down the stairs, in the process of opening one of the doors and him spinning around running he smacks me in the face when I reach down to get him. All this time screaming and crying. I finally catch up to him and “carry” him back in. He’s kicking and screaming at this point. I get him back into the room and they are finishing up with Shawn. So I take the baby and Steve sits down with Jr. Jr still hysterical says he wants mommy. So we switch kids again and I sit down with him. He’s still freaking out and I’m trying to get him to calm down and sit still. I had to hold him as tight as I could and Steve held down his arm while holding Shawn and the lady made him promise over and over again that he wouldn’t move. My goodness it was a huge ordeal. We finally got the blood drawn and as he’s still trying to catch his breath he out of no where says he likes hotwheels. I knew he was talking about the stickers because they give out stickers there. I told him see it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Ahhhhh, deep breath. Then they had to poke Shawn again because they didn’t get enough blood the first time :(

A Family Favorite

I hope Tara doesn't mind me sharing her recipe. I love the no name recipe :) I forgot to take a picture of it before I devoured it but I got a pic of Shawn chowing down.
This recipe is as simple as they come! Here's her directions.
I added a few of my own touches to it. I only used yellow bell pepper and added some onion and some mushrooms because they are Jr's favorite. I also added a tad of garlic salt and cayenne pepper. I add cayenne pepper to almost everything though so that's not surprising lol

Anywho, it was super yummy and even though I’m stuffed I am looking forward to leftovers tomorrow!


Just added the yummy veggies!


The finished product