Saturday, January 29, 2011

I finally gave in

And cut S's hair. My husband has been wanting his hair cut for over a year now but I just couldn't do it. He has the most gorgeous curls how could I cut them! But yesterday I got this itch to get my daughters hair cut and decided it was probably time to do his also.

There was a lot of crying and I even let him have the sucker while she was cutting his hair to try and calm him down which didn't work as I had planned but at least he didn't jump out of the chair.

He even had his beloved teddy bear but it didn't help those tears from coming

After about two minutes the lady said okay I'm done, I looked at her and was like seriously, it doesn't even look like anything was cut. She said she removed about inch or two so I said okay lets take off two more. And after two more were taken you still couldn't tell his hair was cut so I told her to take two more. It's funny how people love his hair because she looks at me and asked if I was sure, do you really want to cut more, she kept asking really??? Being as it was his first hair cut I wanted to be able to look at him and tell he did have it cut. I wanted all the little stragglys hairs gone and have it look nice and neat so I told her I was sure, cut two more inches off.


After all was said and done I love his new cut. It's exactly what I wanted, a clean cut and not too short but enough to tell it was trimmed. I don't think he could have been happier to be out of that chair, poor little man.


Friday, January 28, 2011

iHeart Faces Fix it Friday #84


Today is Fix it Friday over at iHeart Faces. They offer this ever Friday and is a chance to learn some new editing skills and to show what you can do. 

The original picture
Fix-It Friday #84

My stab at it

iHeart faces Fix it friday #84

I edited the photograph in LightRoom. I adjusted the exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance and luminance with a few other details. I didn't use any presets I just play around with the adjustments until I find a look I am happy with.
Head on over to participate in this fun weekly photo challenge!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iHeart Faces photo challenge-Innocent Wonder

Yay it's time for another photo challenge from iHeart Faces! This weeks challenge is Innocent Wonder. What's so wonderful about this category is that it's open to interpretation. So how ever you see innocent wonder share it! If you would like to participate in this weeks challenge simply click on the button below. 

My interpretation of Innocent Wonder
S asking me what is this (pine cone)?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I am seriously slacking in the picture department. I haven't taken a single picture since the 15th. Wait that's doesn't sound right. Okay it's only been four days but that's a while for me.
Ever since becoming a mom one of my favorite things is to watch my children sleep. It's truly amazing to think that I helped create such an amazing little being. My youngest fell asleep on the couch earlier this week while watching a movie (which is rare for him) and he just looked so peaceful and adorable I had to snap a picture.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iheart Faces photo challenge

This will be my first time entering the challenge. I always go through and browse everyone pictures but how could I pass up a winter wonderland challenge when we got snow this year. Living in California snow is a rare occurrence here so naturally my kids LOVED it.

If you would like to participate in the challenge simply click the button below to go to their website, and hurry because entry deadline is today 9pm CST. 

My Winter Wonderland submission
Jr doing the army crawl through the snow

100 things you might not know about me

Jessica from It's my life challenge us to do a 100 things about you post. I've never done one on my blog before but it was fun! Here are my 100 things.

1. I was born in California
2. I still live in California
3. Actually we will be moving to Oklahoma soon
4. I have never actually been to Oklahoma
5. I was born a pisces and remain a pisces no matter what the new zodiac chart says
6. I have one tattoo, well it's three orchids but one piece
7. I plan on getting another one for my birthday
8. I actually have about four more picked out that I would eventually like to get
9. I have my tongue pierced
10. I have my navel pierced
11. I have 9 piercings in my ear
12. I would love more piercings but my husband finds them unattractive 
13. I didn't graduate from my high school
14. But I did graduate from independent study 
15. I have a major sweet tooth
16. I love Italian food
17. Okay I love all food
18. Salads are one meal I really enjoy making, so many different ways to do them
19. I used to grab my moms umbrella and jump off of things pretending to be Mary Poppins
20. I love photography
21. I am not artistic 
22. I am actually quite shy in person
23. I have three kids
24. I had my last at home, best birthing experience ever
25. I get sad something thinking I will never have another child
26. I have never lived on my own
27. I moved out of my parents house & in with my boyfriend (now husband) right when I turned 18
28. I drank at my wedding and I wasn't 21
29. I used to enjoy the process of moving
30. But after 11 moves in 9 years I'm over it & don't like the process anymore LOL
31. I enjoy reading
32. I really enjoy vampire novels
33. I think they're sexy 
34. I am emotional
35. I do not like to exercise 
36. But I really need to start it and get in shape
37. I love taking naps
38. My kids are not nappers & I wish they were so I could nap sometimes 
39. I only weigh 10 pounds more then I did prior to my first pregnancy
40. Which could be looked at as good except I am two pants size bigger from all the skin
41. But I am thankful I am not at the weight I used to be back in 2004
42. I was 215 pounds in 2004
43. I do not like looking at pictures of myself from back then
44. So I am glad there aren't many too look at 
45. I love the smell of the ocean
46. But I am terrified of sharks so I do not go in the water
47. I have been stuck in so many rip tides when I was younger which only perpetuated my fear of the ocean
48. I even freak out going in lakes & having a fish touch me
49. I should really get over my fears 
50. Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian 
51. I still love all animals 
52. I would really love to open an animal rescue shelter 
53. I have no rhythym
54. But I love to dance with my kids
55. It was comical watching my husband and I dance at our wedding, well at least to us it was
56. One of my favorite pictures of my husband and I is from our wedding night while dancing
57. I met my husband when I was 15
58. We got married when I was 20
59. We have now been together almost 14 years 
60. Wow that makes me feel old 
61. We have three children together
62. I miss my oldest while he is at school
63. Not looking forward to my younger one's starting school
64. I will cry (I told you I was emotional)
65. I do not retell jokes very well
66. I totally laugh on the inside while people look at me confused when I am retelling a joke
67. I have a great sense of humor 
68. I love my husbands weird sense of humor, not many people get him but I do
69. I love my husbands laugh, it's very contagious 
70. I don't believe in decaff coffee, what's the point? 
71. I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning
72. Growing up I couldn't stand the smell of coffee
73. My first cup of coffee was in 2000 while working at my dads office
74. I used to tease him about his coffee "addiction"
75. I cannot stand the house we live in now
76. To me I feel this place has a lot of bad ju-ju
77. I do not have a relationship with my birth father, or as I call him sperm donor
78. I have two sisters and two brothers
79. I do not have a great relationship with my brothers 
80. I do not like drama
81. I have never had a girls night out
82. I have never been to a bar
83. I have also never been to a club
84. One of these days I plan on going to one or the other, or heck both
85. I loving changing my hair color
86. I am in need of a hair cut
87. I get my hair cut about once every few years
88. I procrastinate
89. I can't stand the smell of rosemary
90. Or the taste
91. I will not cook with it
92. I only use ground spices 
93. I have a think about "leaves" in my food
94. I am notorious for not folding laundry and letting it pile up
95. I am clumsy
96. I am a good listener
97. I am loyal
98. I will always support my friends and fmaily
99. My shoulder is always open for a person in need of it
100. I love my family and my life

If you would like to take part in this challenge don't forget to link up with Jessica.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lotion lotion everywhere!

Most of us have had the luck to be part of a special group, the OMG my child got into the lotion,Vaseline, glue, paste, play-doh, etc. group. And boy what fun it is to be in it right.
My son (2.5) has gotten into this routine of not going to bed when it's bed time. I have no idea what triggered this but it started about two weeks ago. No big deal, I deal with it, put him back in bed on average six times a night and eventually he falls asleep. Well the other night was a particularly bad night. I had already put him back in bed over ten times and he just wasn't staying in bed. Finally around 10 pm I didn't hear any noises so I assumed he finally fell asleep. Oh boy was I WRONG! I heard a noise in the hallway so I went to go check it out. And what did I find??? Well a little boy playing in the toilet. Oh yes the toilet (GROSS). While going to pick him up I recognized a smell and knew immediately it was my daughters lotion. Not seeing any in the kids bathroom I ran to my room and found this: 

and this

To say I was upset would be an understatement. I cried, I yelled at my husband and finally came the laughter. Even though he completely emptied my daughters twenty dollar lotion for her skin which of course is not covered by insurance, when I saw this

I just couldn't help but laugh because gosh darn, if little lotion foot prints aren't adorable then I don't know what is!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What do you do when baking goes wrong

Why you improvise of course. I tried a new cookie recipe the other day and while it was very similar to my regular one, somehow they didn't quite turn out as I had hoped.

I used the same cookie sheets I always use but for some unknown reason they came out like this!
So not wanting to waste about 30 cookies I cut off the tops on all of them in attempts to save them.

It's like muffin tops except cookie tops LOL
And then being the crafty type that I am I flipped these cookies like pancakes trying to prevent the remaining batch from burning.

So if you ever encounter this problem, don't fret and throw them all away, just grab a knife and cut off the tops while they are still warm. If they fall apart during that process don't worry, you can always use them as toppings on ice cream!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hmmm, do you think they look alike?

I hear all the time how my kids all look so similar and that there is no denying that they're related. For me I see in mainly in their eyes. They all have the exact same eyes. They got Daddy's big eyes and Mommy's coloring (brown). 
I look at pictures of the kids all at the same ages and I don't see it at all. I look at them now and I see the resemblance but to me they each looked completely different when they were younger. So I am asking you, what do you think?

I tried to get pictures all around the same age to make it easier to compare. So spill, what do you think?

Oklahoma here we come!

I am so excited. I am literally bouncing off the walls here. When my husband decided to go back to school I knew that moving out of state was a big possibility. At first I hated the idea but it eventually grew on me. So when my husband submitted his application to OU-Oklahoma University last month I have been dying to know if he got in or not.
Well he just spoke with them and he got ACCEPTED! It was so nerve wracking waiting to hear because even though he had awesome grades and made the Presidents list (so proud of him for this) at the local college it doesn't always mean an automatic acceptance.  So now that we have the word we can finally start planning our move. I am very excited for this new part of our lives.

OU here we come!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A belated birthday wish

A week before Jr's birthday I was planning on submitting a birthday wish on for Jr. I thought he would love seeing his picture on TV and having seeing his birthday announced. As we all know things happen and he ended up spending his birthday in the hospital. It was really hard seeing him in the hospital sick and especially on his birthday, a day we should have been at home celebrating. 

So when we got home I contacted Sprout on twitter asking if they would be willing to do a belated birthday wish for him since we weren't able to be at home for his special day. Can I just say Sprout is amazing. I cried, yes I cried when they quickly agreed to air a special birthday wish for him even though his birthday had already passed.

Here is my little man's special birthday wish!

Happy belated birthday my Jr man! 

Thank you so much Shannon & Melissa for doing this, I appreciate it more then you know!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We got snow a few days ago and what kind of mom would I be if I didn't take the kids out to play in it. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What do you do when your childs hair is a rats nest?

Why you pamper them of course! Well I see it as pampering, not having to do your own hair, it's like going to the salon for free! Maybe when she's older she'll do it for me haha. 

Back on the subject here. My daughters hair has always tangled very easily. She has my hair (poor thing). A LOT of hair but it's very fine and fine hair tangles enough on it's own, add into the mix curls and you're just asking for tangled hair. Brushing her hair used to be a nightmare, not only for her because could be painful but for me, I hated seeing her cry and knowing I was making her cry just made it worse. I have tried almost every single detangler out there. Scratch off all the kid detanglers, those don't work AT ALL. I've even used Biolage products on her hair hoping they would work. But every time it was a fail. 
I was out shopping one day and like always I ended up in the hair care section of the store looking for something I haven't tried when I came across Three Minute Miracle by Aussie. Excited to find something new I grabbed a bottle and went home and gave her a bath. 
This was the FIRST time I was able to get a brush through her hair without a single tangle. No cries, no whimpers, no whining just completely smooth and tangle free hair. To say I was amazed would be an understatement. 
Now her hair still tangles during the day and sometimes the three minute miracle conditioner doesn't get it all out (no biggie) so I have started blow drying her hair. It gets rid of any knots that weren't smoothed out by the conditioner and it allows for some painless mommy daughter time all by ourselves. 

Isn't her hair gorgeous!

If you or your child have hair that knots easily I recommend you go try some Three Minute Miracle. It's very inexpensive and seriously, this stuff will rock your socks off!