Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our new home

We are here. We were moving in the house until the wee hours of the morning. When Steve and I finally crawled into bed it was after 4 am and between Samantha and Jr waking up and then Shawn at 5:30 neither of us actually managed to fall asleep. So I am running off of zero. Steve just went and dropped the trailer off and it now taking a nap.

Okay I didn't get to finish this entry. See what happens when you get no sleep. You forget everything. Now it's August 2nd and we are settling in nicely to our new home. We aren't having any sleeping issues with Jr. Can you say hallelujah! We've had sleeping issues with him since he was a year old. I'm so happy he will now go to bed with just us saying good night to him. No fighting or screaming, it's awesome. Sam also is doing great going to bed here and well of course Shawn has no problems. We ended up storing a bunch f our stuff at my parents because, well I'm a pack rat and downsizing to this place there was just no room for it. Eventually we will go through all of it and trash what we don't need. This is a short entry because we are actually on our way out the door to go to my parents house. We've been spending a lot of time over there again. The kids love it there. Here's a couple more recent pictures of my babies.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The day has come

Today is moving day! Happy joy. I am so happy to be out of this house but hate that we are moving once again. I hate moving. I do EVERYTHING! Even now with three kids I am the only one who has packed in this house. btw I find this extremely unfair. Steve's dad is coming out today to help and I hate that he is coming here and the house is a disaster and not completely packed up. I have done a good job and it is for the most part done but not completely. It's hard packing a whole house by yourself along with three kids, one of them who is nursing and has had bad gas a lot this week. I guess Steve's cousin is also coming out later to help but that's not until late afternoon. As we speak my moms car is loaded to the brim with stuff to be brought over to the house, Steve said he would do it and he didn't. If I go do it I can only bring Shawn because I have stuff loaded on the other kids carseats and Steve is still asleep so I can't do anything right now. Ugh, I'm frustrated already.
Okay off to go finish packing the house and start this move.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A new day, another tantrum

Jr was beyond cranky all day yesterday. I was really hoping after all the talking we did with him that it would be a better day. Well here were are 1pm and he is in his room crying and saying I hate this, I hate that. I am making him take a nap hoping that will help with his moodiness. He also has a horrible habit of hitting himself in the head. I HATE that he does it. He doesn't do it softly either, that's another thing I don't know how to break him of. I think he gets that part of his temper from his father. I sure as hell have never done anything like that.
I forgot to write about Shawn's appointment yesterday. It went good. She retied the skin tag, she said she did it differently hoping it would stay on. Well I changed his diaper and it was off this morning so now we just have to wait for him to grow older and keep our fingers crossed that the tag eventually goes away. I'm not happy about that but I have no other choice now. Oh and the Dr was shocked that his old ped didn't have a newborn screening done. I told her I asked him for it and he said it wasn't necessary so we have to get the blood work done today, not looking forward to that and we are waiting to hear back from our insurance and the hearing test.

Okay enough rambling. I have a million things to do today and no time to do any of it!


Okay, so I am lame. I did one post and completely forgot about this place. UPDATE! Baby number three is here. We had a boy, Shawn Matthew :) He is just the perfect little man. He was born 05/30/08, weighing in at 8lb 8oz (my biggest!) and was 21 1/4 inches long. I had him at home, it was the most wonderful experience being in my own comfortable surroundings. If we were having more kids I would totally do it again. When Shawn was 3 weeks old we found out he had Pyloric Stenosis. It's the pyloris valve which leads to the intestines was closed therefore he wasn't able to keep anything down and wasn't gaining weight. He had surgery on June 22nd to correct it and the surgery was a success. He has reflux now so were still dealing with the spitting up but I can handle that just no more surgeries. Jr is being your typical four year old. Full of energy and spirit, loves to argue and doesn't listen to mommy. He is the greatest big brother though to both the younger two kids. Samantha is is too funny. She has just started walking full time, yes I did say just. She became a full time walker at 19 I knew my silly girl was on her own schedule. She loves playing mommy to baby Shawn. She tries to change his diapers and gives him kisses and hugs all day long and when he's crying she comes over and tries to get him to calm down, it's so freakign cute. And she is totally a little princess and daddy's girl. Steve and I are doing good. Dealing with what life throws us. Were actually moving this weekend. Yes I know again. We are staying at this new place for at least a year though. I wont go into all the details of why were moving but I will say Ian is no longer someone we ever want to deal with again. Um well I think that's a long enough update. I will try and remember to update more often then every 6

Here are a few pics of my babies