Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My little brag

I have to tell you all how very proud of my baby girl I am. I was taking oranges out of the bag this morning and after each one I took out Samantha counted. She counted all the way up to SEVEN with absolutely no help from me. I am so proud of her. I don't remember when they are supposed to start learning these things but imo I think she's way early. So yeah I am very proud of my baby girl.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Man it is so hot out! It's six o'clock and it's still 90 degrees outside. I don't mind the heat usually but I am not handling it well this year. I've handled it better while And their talking this weekend it's supposed to be back down into the 60's. That's just crazy. Right now I am really missing living at the beach with the nice ocean breeze to cool me down.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Steve's diagnosis

There's nothing wrong with him. I swear Kaiser drives me insane. First they want all these tests done thinking somethings wrong and everything come's back normal. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm happy there's nothing wrong with him but why mention anything. I know, I know just being cautious, it's there job. I'm just annoyed right now.
So anywho, he's fine. Nothing wrong with him. He got a clean bill of health.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Dinners

I just have to say I love getting together with my family for our weekly family dinners. Steve and I usually are the one's who end up cooking but that's okay because we both enjoy cooking. And Steve and I work really well in the kitchen together. We went over there last night so Steve could work on my dads computer and for dinner. He never got to the I swear Steve should go to culinary school. He makes these recipes all on his own, no cookbook and they come out great. He cooked up Italian Turkey Sausage, normally I hate Italian Sausage but this was had no fennel seeds so it was yummy. While that was cooking he made some garlic, red and green bell peppers and red onions in some olive oil. Once those were done he added some crushed tomatoes and I think just pepper. Oh yeah he added wine to the veggies before adding the tomato sauce. Right before it was all done he cooked up some Mahi Mahi with garlic and pepper. We kept the fish separate because of Shawn but ate it all together with some paste. Sooooo good. And we had tons of left overs. I even made my Daddy a plate to take to work today.
Anywho, my point was I really enjoy being able to have that special time with my family every week. Even if the kdis are running around screaming and ocassionally
Oh and Samantha has my Dad completely wrapped around her little fingers. I don't think she could be any more of a little princess. It's so cute to see that bond between her and Steve and her and my Dad.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I said I would talk about what happened with Steve in my previous post and then forgot So here it goes.
He started getting a pain in his neck on Friday night. Saturday he called me and asked if I could get him from work because it was so bad. He had a call into the nurse line at Kaiser. They finally called him back and said to take ibuprofen and go see his Dr on Monday. (gee they were a lot of help) He came home and fell right asleep. The following morning he still had the pain and then noticed swelling along both sides of his neck so he headed over to urgent care. Four hours later the Dr said he has Laryngeal Disease (Steve says they hand that name out when you have something wrong with your Larynx but they don't know what), she thinks his thyroid might possibly be irritated and she wants him to get an u/s of his thyroid and he had blood work done and to see his normal Dr on Monday. Well I called fist thing today and of course they have nothing so he has an appointment tomorrow morning.
So once again I know nothing of what is going on with him. Obviously something is wrong with his larynx but we don't know what. I'm totally confused how she could think/tell his Larynx is irritated and wanting to run all these tests.


Yeah what's new huh! We had a great Easter, minus the 4 hours Steve spent at urgent care. I'll post about that in a bit.
My sister Kyla and her bf Robert and my niece Marisa came over about 9:30 yesterday morning so we could do a Easter Egg hunt for the kids. My mom came over right as we were about to start. The kids had a blast trying to find all the eggs. It took Samantha a minute to figure out what she was supposed to do but once she did she loved it. The kids found all the eggs. Shawn got I posted just a couple pics on my 365 Blog if anyone wants to take a peek. I uploaded even more to our family picture site also, just click the link. After the kids woke up from their nap we went over to my parents house for dinner. OMG I ate way too much! We had ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, salad and broccoli. And for desert there was brownies, ice cream and a chocolate mouse pie. Good thing I hate mouse otherwise I would have gained ten pounds eating that also lol. I took more pics and of course forgot my camera at my parents. And my sister got a ton of great pics of the kids playing outside so I need to get her memory card so I can share those too.
All in all it was a great family day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My poor baby!

My mom was watching the kids yesterday and she had them all in one room while she was vacuuming in there. Well they all eventually made their way out and next thing my moms knows Jr is yelling there's broken glass on the floor! So my mom runs out and Shawn is standing with a big piece of glass in his MOUTH and Samantha is standing on top of the broken glass! So my mom gets the glass from Shawn, moves Samantha and asks Jr is he can move Shawn so she can clean up. Jr picks up Shawn and starts walking to the other room but didn't see the wagon on the floor in front of him. He trips while holding Shawn and he is facing outwards and Shawn catches the wagon right in the face then falls on the floor with Jr on top of him!
My mom said he was bleeding from his mouth but only for a minute and was fine. I'm freaking out just holding my baby. I was pissed that this happened but had to tell myself over and over accidents happen so I didn't scream at my mom.
He had a tiny bit of a fat lip but what concerns me is the cuts where his teeth are coming out and it's swollen around his teeth and one now looks like it might be discolored :( I feel sooooooo bad for my little baby. i really hope he didn't damage his teeth and if it's not looking better by Friday I'm going to make an appointment with his ped.

Okay just had to get out there my babies accident yesterday (and I guess sort of do a mini vent)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am so bored out of my mind. I should be cleaning the house but the kids are destroying it and I'm not in the mood to fight over it. Well not fight cause I always I'm just letting them have fun for right now. Samantha didn't wake up until almost 11 so no nap for her today, boo. I feel exhausted even though I got to sleep in for the first time in probably 5 years. Blah, okay off to go clean

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Best mommy it!