Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding hidden treasures in your drafts folder

Every once in a while I try to go through my drafts folder and clean it out. Yesterday I was doing just that when I came across one from late 2008 with no subject. Curious I opened it and man did it bring back memories. 

Looking back at these photos brings a smile to my face and makes me think wow how they grow so fast and boy things have changed in the span of three years.

Just a few examples:
2008 - Back then no one was old enough to be in school. 
2011 - Now the older two are in school.

2008 - Little man wasn't walking yet. 
2011 - Now he runs, skips, jumps and occasionally walks. He's three ;)

2008 - Baby girl was barely talking and had only been walking for just under a year.
2011 - Now she sings, dances, run, talks in full sentences and loves to learn.

2008 - My husband had hair.
2011 - Now he's bald (by choice). Although right now it's a bit longer, okay not long, more like a bit shaggy, but still I think it's cute.

2008 - Little man had no hair! He had that little bit on top and that was about it.
2011 - Now the boy has awesome curls. 

Now I am wondering what other treasures lay hiding in my drafts folder. Have you come across any drafts that made you read it and smile and wonder why didn't I ever publish this?